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    Jiangsu Broadcast and Television College Profile

    Jiangsu Broadcast and Television College, which is sponsored byJiangsu Broadcast and Television Corporation , is a full-timepublic vocational school , specialized in training skilledpersonnel in radio and television production. As the branch-campusof Jiangsu joint institute of technology of profession, the collegeis a government funding institution.

    Located to the Yuhuatai scenic area in the cultural city of Nanjing, the college covers an area of 35,698 square meters, the existingtypes of full-time students reach nearly 2,000 people, includingfive-year vocational school, secondary school and adult collegestudents . The predecessor of Jiangsu Broadcast and TelevisionCollege was Jiangsu People's Radio Station Division staff trainingcenter , which was founded in 1955. In 1984, Jiangsu Broadcast andTelevision staff secondary school was established. In May, 1984 thebranch-campus of adult education of Communication University ofChina was set up. In 1989 the establishment of Jiangsu Radio andTelevision School was approved by Jiangsu Provincial People'sGovernment and the school began to enroll full-time secondaryschool students. In 1992, the school was officially changed itsname to Jiangsu Radio and Television School. In the year of 2001,the Remote Education Center of Communication University of Chinawas established. In the same year , the Remote Education Centerbegan to enroll network participants. In 2002, the school appliedfor the running of five-year Higher Vocational Education; In 2004 ,it became one of the first five-year Higher Vocational Educationschool points of Jiangsu Joint Vocational and Technical College.

    The college provides the following majors for five-year vocationalprofessions: Host and Broadcasting, Television Program Production,Photography Technology, Film and Animation, and to enroll juniorhigh school graduates of Jiangsu province.

    According to industry standards, we have built more than 20training rooms, such as the digital studio, the Premiere editingtraining room, Apple animation training room and Maya animationtraining room. There are more than 50 professional training roomsout of school,which have a close cooperation with our college.Jiangsu Broadcast and Television College has been sited aworkstation of National Vocational Skill Identification of JiangsuPhotography Industry.

    Over the past 30 years, our graduates can be found in differentfields throughout Jiangsu province. With their excellect technicalexpertise , they become the backbone in the industry. They made agreat contribution to the Radio and Television Broadcastingdevelopment and prosperity. Our school is known as the the cradleof Radio and Television Broadcasting in Jiangsu province.

    As a characteristic school with a deep industry background,distinctive professional features, fruitful achievements, which ishighly recognized by the industry and society, We further clarifythe orientation and development strategy of school running in theprocess of planning a new round of adjustment and development ofquality. We will take the five-year vocational education as themain body. We will also take the adult undergraduate education inCommunication University of China, Radio and television industryand social training as the wings. School size is moderate based onmarket. Professional settings highlight features for the market.School quality service market and fight for the first. Adulteducation as well as social training service society will becomebigger and stronger. And We will try to build our school into theprovincial radio, film and television high-quality skilledpersonnel training base, the province's Radio and televisionindustry training and continuing education base, and into theimpactive film and television production unit.







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